Redwood Cloth Company is a mama-owned small business located in Southern California. 

Our commitment to our customers is to make it easy and affordable to diaper all the babies in a more sustainable and absolutely adorable way. 

We operate on a preorder basis. There will be a flexible voting period for each collection of prints chosen for the upcoming preorder. Based on the votes received in our Facebook Group, Redwood Cloth Chat, the preorder will be placed and production will begin. After production wraps the entire order will be sent to me, where I will test and quality check all items. After that I will package and ship all of the preorders before "dropping" the in-stock items on the site.  Because of global supply constraints and shipping delays, this process could take up to 6 weeks, though my supplier has promised to try to keep it close to 4. Items on preorder will be offered at a discount. Once these items are in stock, the "pre-order discount" will end and they will be regular priced. Prices may fluctuate between different seasons based on global material availability and shipping costs. I will always offer the best price I can while being able to keep the company afloat! 

Our diapers were designed with comfort for baby and mama in mind. We use a high-quality AWJ interior to wick moisture away and heat-sealed PUL to keep the moisture contained. Our snap configuration is front column with an upper row hip snap in order to be able to adjust to a wide range of thigh and waist widths. Dirty diaper closure snaps keep messes inside when you're out and about. We also have a middle interior snap on our diapers for those who like to use snap-in inserts. We have a generous tummy panel for those wild sleepers with ample room for extra nighttime stuffing. 

Our inserts are a custom blend of natural fibers - bamboo and hemp - with no microfiber filling. While microfiber absorbs very well, it acts like a sponge when squeezed (think of buckling into a carseat) and compression leaks are just not something I want my customers to have to deal with. These inserts will have a slight "baconing" effect due to shrinkage, but they are double stitched around the edge to help with that and it does not affect the absorbency in any way. These inserts take 6-8 washes to fully prep, but work really well after 3. They're great for every day wear and I use them with a bamboo booster for overnight (~12 hours).

We've partnered with Baby Bits™ to offer a sustainable and convenient solution to use with cloth wipes to clean up after diaper changes, snack time, or play time. These bits are handmade in the USA with pure plant-derived ingredients, and are the original creators of the bits-to-wipes concept.

We came up with the name Redwood Cloth Company after brainstorming what communities or organizations we would like to support with this business. As a California company we wanted something close to home. The Redwood National and State Parks here boast the oldest and tallest trees on the entire planet, and are truly breathtaking to see in real life. A portion of our annual proceeds will be donated each year to the Save the Redwoods League to help protect, preserve, and restore these ancient forests. PLEASE NOTE: We are not in any way affiliated with the Save the Redwoods Foundation. We just love this organization and want to support it. 

Donation details: Every October I will announce what percentage I am able to donate. I follow the Save the Redwoods League closely, and sometimes they have drives in which they match donations. If I know there is a matching event coming up, I will wait until that date to make the donation!

Thank you so much for you support. If you have any questions about our products, policies, or ANYTHING feel free to message us here or on the FB Business Page or Group.